March newsletter

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With the vaccine programme ramping up, we plan to continue to run zoom sessions until at least April, then hopefully we can at last meet up for some social interaction. Then we plan to start rehearsals from September for a November production which is looking far more promising now – we have some unfinished business here! We have completed The Egg recording and is now in post-production stage.

The current short term plan is to make two recordings: a Murder Mystery from Gloria and a new story from Andrew in April. These will be interspersed with Club Nights. All zoom calls start at 8.00pm, on the usual link below. If you did not have a chance to join any of our events over the past year, then look at the Events page where links to replays are available.

Shooting Shambles has been adapted by Gloria Kendrick. ‘Lord Albert Shrapnel is the owner of Shrapnel Castle. After the death of his father – and having had to pay onerous death duties – he has worked hard to bring the castle and estate back to its former glory. He is a gentleman of the old school – very upright, very old-fashioned and mindful of his responsibilities as Lord of the estate.’


  • Lord Albert – Andrew
  • Lady Clarissa – Michelle (if she feels able to do an American accent, that would be great)
  • Lord Cecil – Andy
  • Lady Elizabeth – Jossy
  • Penelope – Wendy
  • Randolph – Andy
  • Mrs Pyles – Alison
  • Andrew Hardwick – Max
  • Burke – Brian
  • Betty – Olive
  • Inspector Dick – Max
  • Narrator – Hilary


  • 9 March: Reading and casting of Shooting Shambles ACT I
  • 11 March club night: music selections
  • 16 March Rehearsal  Shooting Shambles
  • 8 March Club night stories/ poems
  • 23 March Rehearsal  Shooting Shambles
  • 25 March club night : quiz night
  • 30 March Recording  Shooting Shambles
  • 1 April Club night music selections


How to join the session
You can join using one of the following two ways:

  • zoom app meeting number: 510-741-7650
  • Click Link to join
  • PLEASE mute your microphone and turn your video off during the performance or recordings.