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During the Summer, The Marlow Players have been very active: We took A Bunch of Amateurs to Marly le Roi in May –enjoyed a rapturous reception and a splendid party as guests of Marly le Roi and Les Baladins our counterparts there for nearly 50 years, and thanks to a lightning Eurostar strike, enjoyed an extra night in Paris, flying home very grandly courtesy of our professional pilot and stewardess members! See pics

In June, as part of the new Marlow Literary Festival, still in the afterglow of The Coronation of King Charles III we  kicked off the weekend and with a performance in St Peter’s Church of part of “The Hollow Crown”, which evokes memories of past monarchs: a bit of Shakespeare, of course, a ballad about Henry II and his unfaithful Queen Eleanor, the trial of Charles I, a song from “The Vicar of Bray” ,life in the court of George III, William IV’s Accession ( he too had trouble with a pen ) and Victoria’s account of her Coronation; ending with the death of King Arthur – with a very real sword to cast into the lake! The reviews from all sides were adulatory.

The AGM was very vibrant and successful, and subsequently the Committee made plans for the Summer,  starting with some read throughs of likely plays and welcoming new members Georgina and Anita. We had a Studio tidying day, a gardening evening and a couple of garden meetings, and went to open-air performances at Lane End ( to see their Bunch of Amateurs production, Hall Barn ( Shakespeare ) and Hughenden Valley ( The Three Musketeers ) . Then we started preparations for the Carnival in Marlow:  a great stall, thanks to the many members who turned up to erect the gazebo, supervise the stall  where photos from our archives, press cuttings and our many Awards were on display, as well as the traditional make up exhibit, melting in the sun.. ( next year we should offer a demo ) and we played to an enthusiastic audience in the open air the first four scenes of A Bunch of Amateurs. The play went marvellously well and involved our latest members as well as some others new to their roles- all after four rehearsals! There was a lot of positive interest during the afternoon, and we hope to have recruited quite a few newcomers!

We have an exciting range of activities planned for the next three months rooted in our Murder Mystery productions.

Production Posters

Liston Hall


  • 21 Sep Murder Mystery read through
  • UTSC Schedule
    • 26 Sep Rehearsal
    • 28 Sep Rehearsal
    • 3 Oct Rehearsal
    • 6 Oct Performance at UTSC
  • Liston Hall Schedule
    • 10 Oct Rehearsal – Liston Hall
    • 12 Oct Rehearsal – Liston Hall
    • 17 Oct Rehearsal – Liston Hall
    • 19 Oct Rehearsal – Liston Hall
    • 20 Oct Performance Listen Hall
  • Royal Oak Schedule
    • 24 Oct Rehearsal – Royal Oak
    • 27 Oct Rehearsal – Royal Oak
    • 31 Oct Rehearsal – Royal Oak
    • 2 Nov Rehearsal – Royal Oak
    • 7 Nov Performance Royal Oak
  • 19 Dec Carols on the Causeway
  • April Full Production
  • 17-19 May Les Baladins