May Newsletter

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Another Roaring success!

The cheers that rang out each night at the end of The Importance of Being Earnest were heartfelt and very well deserved. This was a highly successful production in every sense, with wonderful teamwork . The cast knitted together experienced and newcomers and the work on stage, backstage, front of House , behind the bar and publicity, programmes, getting in and getting out went off splendidly.

“What a wonderful evening” “ Professional “ “ Absolutely excellent” “Do please congratulate your cast” “Five star” were just a few of the many lovely comments made by an appreciative audience, as well as“ Who was that young man? ” and “where did you find all those clothes?” and “ It went very quickly” ..( the director had cut about 20 minutes from the text, and the actors might have cut another minute or two in performance).

Once again The Players proved that amateurs can work to professional standards – and gain a great sense of achievement in so doing. I believe our new recruits have had a whiff of the Players’ spirit and are intoxicated. Rehearsals were marked out by the punctuality, friendliness and commitment shown by all, and yet again this was a very happy show.

We now have to tidy away all set, props and costumes and will spend a couple of happy evenings doing so. No lines to learn, just a bit of brawn to display!

And let’s plan our next outing!

Andy is playing Bottom in the Wargrave Open air production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream so that is a must to get to, but in the meantime your committee will be busy working out how we entertain and accommodate Les Baladins for the weekend of 24-26th May. Please help during this weekend if at all possible, with accommodation, or with the meals, and of course coming to their show. It is very accessible and superbly performed, as always. A synopsis in English will be provided! We must try to sell as many seats as we possibly can, since they always entertain us so wonderfully when we play in Marly.