November newsletter

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We have four weeks to go! Please click to see the full poster and start circulating the event to your contacts. Tickets have been printed and will be available to order from today. Use the following to promote the event. Please make promotion of the production a priority this month (otherwise it will be too late)!

Further details and tickets are available from Marlow Information Centre (Marlow Library). Book tickets now


Thank you to the backstage crew who have constructed a splendid set for us to work with.  The staffroom of the Greenfingers Palace Hotel is a wonderful haven for the workforce to relax in – complete with cosy fireplace to keep warm!

Well done to my cast last night for so many books down – especially with an unexpected audience of Raymond and Andrew – and remembering all those complicated entrances and exits.  We are beginning to introduce some meaningful looks and good reactions – more to go, but we have time to perfect this.

Once again – thanks to EVERYONE involved in this production.  I hope you are finding it as much fun as I am.  (Especially the social half-hour on Thursdays – and thanks to all for helping out with the wine supply! Dear Crew – please turn up for this if you have time! 9.30-ish )

Cheers! Gloria

Sunday 3 November – 2.30 – 5.30 – The Whole Play

Tuesday 5 November – Act I

Thursday 7 November – Act II

Sunday 10 November – 2.30 – 5.30 – The Whole Play

Tuesday 12 November – Act I

Thursday 14 November – Act II

Sunday 17 November – Get-in (Crew and Helpers turn up for 12 noon at Shelley Theatre, some maybe a little earlier at The Studio to load up)

Cast turn up at 3 to rehearse – maybe not on stage – and we all finish at 7.

Monday 18 November – Tech. – 7 – 10 p.m.

Tuesday 19 November – More tech.? – Costumes, no make-up – 7-10 p.m.

Wednesday 20 November – Full dress rehearsal – 7 – 10 p.m.

Thursday/Friday/Saturday – THE PRODUCTION – 7 – 10.15  p.m.

Also, Saturday the Get-out – by 11.p.m.  

After-show party for cast and crew.

Costume fitting session