The Crew

Tony Bew
Assistant Director Elena Stokes
Stage Manager Graham Evans
Set construction Tony Bew

Graham Evans

Prompt Wendy Baily
Lighting Graham Everitt
Sound Rod Paterson
Properties Elena Stokes
Front of house Brian Couling
Posters Brian Couling
Telephone bookings Olive Smith
Advertising Brian Couling

Maura Ross

Olive Smith

Programme Tony Bew
Transport Alan Samson



Assistant Director and Properties

Elena Stokes

Elena is now a seasoned backstage organiser although she started on stage as Phillipa Haymes in “A Murder is Announced”. She has been organising most things to allow the director to concentrate on putting his feet up.

 Graham Evans

Stage Manager

Graham Evans


Graham has been with us for two years. As stage manager/set builder, he has been beavering away in the studio building a steamer trunk. This happy snap of him was taken just as he found out we preferred the old one.



Rod Paterson

Rod first turned his hand to sound effects in 1999 for “The Weekend” after his first and last appearance onstage in “On the Razzle”. Rod’s abilities are not stretched in this production so he’ll probably miss his cue.

 Brian Couling

Front of House

Brian Couling

Brian has temporarily taken over the mantle of Front of House from Olive Smith, who is having a hopefully brief respite. Brian’s natural charm and organisational abilities are always appreciated and makes him an obvious choice for the position. Kerching! There’s another fiver!



Graham Everett

Despite his youthful looks, Graham has been with the players for nearly 20 years, on and off. He has been our main lighting man since 2001. He has acted on stage but prefers the anonymity and the view from the lighting box.


 The Cast



Suze Ward

This is Suze’s fourth production with the Players, having played Alice Hobson in “Hobson’s Choice”, the reptilian Monica Smithers in “Daisy Pulls it Off” and the rumbustious Sarah in “Accrington Pals”. Now she plays a somewhat more demur Madge the supposed wife of Charles. Let’s hope she remembers that line “At least I don’t forget my lines!”, the one line just too embarrassing to miss.

James taylor


James Taylor

This is James’ third production with the Players, having first played Peregrine Ward in “Will you still love me in the morning?” and then Ralph Catteral in “Accrington Pals”. But it’s third time unlucky for James as he doesn’t get to kiss any of the girls, which is why he’ll be seen mincing around the stage and sighing inordinately. It is very lucky that one of his favourite songs is Living in a box

 Sara Vaz


Sara Vaz

Sara has been in The Players for 10 years on and off but has rekindled her passion for the stage, appearing in the last three productions, schoolgirl Belinda Mathieson in “Daisy pulls it off”, the vamp Thelma Jessel in “Will you Still Love me in the Morning”, and most lately as Eva Mason in “Accrington Pals”. She seems to have shaken off the attentions of James and now sets her sights on Chris, on stage at least.

Chris Richards


Chris Richards

Chris first appeared with the Players as Will Mossop in “Hobson’s Choice” and last Autumn as Jeremy Winthrop in “Will you Still love me in the Morning?” Once more he has taken on a challenging role in Rupert, despite demanding rather forcibly, immediately before the first night of his last production, from the dressing room loo, why he let himself be talked into taking part. He’s just a natural luvvie, obviously!

 Janet Hodgkinson

Dorothy Cullen

Janet Hodgkinson

Janet has been with the Players for an undisclosed number of decades and her last role was as Mrs Hepworth in “Hobson’s Choice”. This is probably one of her more demanding roles in recent years, but the old habits die hard and pulls off the part of Dorothy, Sarah’s erstwhile mother, with great aplomb. I expect the fiver in the post any day now!

 Laura Goodband


Laura Goodband

Having taken timeout from the performing side of The Players in the past few years, Laura has appeared in the last two productions, last playing the simple-minded Bertha in “Accrington Pals”. Not that she’s leapt up to dizzy intellectual heights as Angela, but it’s always good to have Laura in the cast.  That money just keeps rolling in.


Miss Brown

Pip Stacey

Pip started with the Marlow Players three years ago making her debut in “A Murder is Announced“ where she played the scene-stealing maid Mitzi. She last played Celia Winthrop in “Will you Still Love me in the Morning” and had a shot at lighting in “Accrington Pals”. Obviously enough is enough, so she’s back once more as the scene-stealer, Miss Brown.


Edward Cullen

Pete Williams

 Pete’s debut was in 2001 in “Bums on seats”. He last played the oleaginous Dr. Boxclever in “Cut and Run” in 2004. Work and marital commitments saw him move away to another planet (Milton Keynes), but he has returned to show off his speech learning abilities as Edward, Sarah’s “father” and golf playing “husband” to Dorothy. We welcome him back to our planet.