September newsletter

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Players, after the summer break and our performance in Higginson Park of Murder in an Ice Cold Manner, we plan to start meeting up again in the studio. The plan for the next few months is to have a welcome back party event, and read and cast a murder mystery play to perform in Liston Hall. From November onwards we want to read and cast a play for a full production at the Shelley Theatre in the spring (March). We hope that by opening up gradually we can take our audience with us ‘back to normality’.

Welcome Back party: we are going to use the Liston Hall booking for 25 September for a social gathering to get everyone back together. We can all bring ‘picnic’ food and drink with items to share. We will have music, and if anyone would like to perform as part of the entertainment, that would be good. We will be using the main hall at Liston for this event.

Murder mystery production will be a radio play format again, and we can select from three titles that we have read together on zoom over the last few months: Lucifer Strikes at Blazes, Shooting Shambles at Shrapnel Castle and Calamity in the Cloisters. We need to re-read these, select one and cast the best title, then promote the event for performance on 23 October. It will be a ticketed event, limited number (around 50). As a guide you need around 6 rehearsals for a good performance so we will be meeting twice weekly for that.

Events (all at the Studio 8.00 pm except where stated)

  • 14 Sep – tidy up and reading murder mystery
  • 21 Sep – reading murder mystery
  • 25 Sep – welcome back party, Andrew Stafford house from 7.00pm
  • 28 Sep – reading and casting of selected murder mystery
  • 5 Oct – first rehearsal murder mystery
  • 7 Oct – murder mystery rehearsal
  • 12 Oct – murder mystery rehearsal
  • 14 Oct murder mystery rehearsal
  • 19 Oct -murder mystery rehearsal
  • 21 Oct -murder mystery dress rehearsal
  • 23 Oct – murder mystery performance (7.00 pm Liston Hall)
  • 26 Oct – break for half term
  • 2 Nov – Committe via zoom