January newsletter

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Happy new year to you. Let’s hope this next one will be more positive than the last one! We plan to continue to run zoom sessions until at least April, then hopefully there will signs we can at last meet up for some social interaction at least! And plan to start rehearsals in September once again.

Current short term plan is to complete our recording of the Murder Mystery we have rehearsed (see Gloria’s separate email about this) and then onto a second play, interspersed with Club Nights. All zoom calls start at 8.00pm, on the usual link below. If you did not have a chance to join recent events over the year, then look at the Events page where links to replays are available of some of our work.

Murder Mystery casting

  • Sir Brian Burrows was played by Max Sasim
  • Lady Sylvia Burrows by Jocelyn Pearce
  • Lord Guy Stocksley by Brian Couling
  • Mimsie Baker by Alison Rogers
  • Ruth Conrad by Wendy Gammond
  • Catchpole by Andrew Stafford
  • The Narrator was Hilary Cox
  • Sound Effects were by Karen Moyse and Andy Scott
  • The recording was by Brian Couling
  • The play was directed by Gloria Kendrick

Best Laid Plans

Use links below for details of the play.



  • Clarissa -Jossy Perce
  • Aaron – Max Sasim
  • Terry – Alan Frost
  • Dougie – Brian Couling
  • Ariadne -Mandi Gowers
  • Audrey – Julia Ashton
  • Richard – Andrew Stafford.
  • Billy – Andrew Pitman.
  • Hermione – Karen Moyse
  • Narrator- Michelle Hatfield Spencer


5 Jan Recording of Murder Mystery – Act I

7 Jan club night – music to share

12 Jan Complete recording ACT II , out takes

14 Jan club night – bring and share poems/ stories etc.

19 Jan rehearsal and casting  Best Laid Plans by Max Sasim

21 Jan club night – readings

26 Jan recording of Best Laid Plans Act I

28 Jan club night – monthly quiz – ‘bring a bottle’ fun night


How to join the performance
You can join using one of the following two ways:

  • zoom app meeting number: 510-741-7650
  • Click Link to join
  • PLEASE mute your microphone and turn your video off during the performance or recordings.