December newsletter

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If you did not have a chance to join recent events over the year, then look at the Events page where links to replays are available of some of our work. It looks like we will be holding zoom sessions for some time to come, and we have decided not to meet in the studio. We still have three to complete before the end of the year.

Until Christmas we will continue to meet on a regular basis on Tuesdays using zoom and sometimes Thursdays. Zoom link details are below, and are the same as before. We have a programme of events everyone can join in with – usually meeting for around one hour or so. All zoom sessions start at 8.00pm.

We are planning one new play item as well as club nights . We need to complete outtakes for ‘The Bear‘  and one of the Murder Mystery plays that have not yet been recorded.

Club nights 

We plan to have Thursday as a ‘club night’ meaning it’s more or a social ‘drop in’ session such as quiz / music / poem / share nights. Leaders should rotate (take turns) around the group. Do  you have any suggestions for future meetings? We are getting to the stage where we have lots of plays, recordings, quizzes, poem and music sharing and so on. If you have an idea or a play / piece you would like to try with the Players – why not join in and bring your suggestions to the group?

In general terms, Tuesdays are more formal sessions such reading and recordings, whilst Thursdays  club nights eg quizzes, music.

1 December : continue with The Bear. First read / casting Murder Mystery

3 December: club night – music to share

8 December: rehearsal Murder Mystery

10 December: club night – bring and share poems/ stories etc.

15 December : Recording Murder Mystery

17 December: club night  – last meeting of the year

Recording sessions continue into the new year


How to join the performance
You can join using one of the following two ways:

  • zoom app meeting number: 510-741-7650
  • Click Link to join
  • PLEASE mute your microphone and turn your video off during the performance