May newsletter

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Events coming up in May:
Murder Mystery
Back by popular demand! Over the summer we plan to have one, or maybe two, murder mystery evenings like we did last summer. We have a new title to try out and rehearse, so if you would like to have a part, then come along on the days! What I like about these is that you really can ‘ham it up’ and look – no need to learn the script either! We have an idea to perform one night at Liston Hall, and another an invitational with a local Rotary.


  • Thursday 10 May
  • Thursday 7 June
  • Thursday 14 June
  • Thursday 12 July
  • Thursday 19 July

We shouldn’t need all these dates, but, if you could let me know which (if any) would be suitable for you, I could put them in the diary.

A brief run-through of the cast:

  • Lord Albert – lord of the manor/castle
  • Sir Cecil – his brother, short of money
  • Randolph – the rather effete young clergyman, engaged to Sir Cecil’s daughter
  • Andrew Hardwick – the cad
  • Burke – the butler
  • Inspector Dick – the rather stupid policeman
  • Lady Elizabeth – lady of the manor
  • Lady Clarissa – mother of Penelope
  • Penelope – engaged to Randolph
  • Mrs Pyles – the housekeeper
  • Betty – the maid
  • We shall also need a Narrator.
Actual performance in Liston Hall is Saturday 21st July. If you would like to take part, please come along and see.
8 May Reading
Further reading session for electing plays for November. We have read two so far. See April newsletter for the list of potential plays.
15 May no meeting – prep for French visit logistics as needed
18-20 May  French weekend 
We will need some help in promoting the show to interested parties, such as language circles, W3A and twinning groups as well as our regular lists. Details of the production are posted here and on the web front page.
Still waiting to be told arrival time of Les Baladins on Friday, 18th May. Dinner in Garden Room, Liston Hall for all Baladins and hosts at 7.30. Any members wishing to join us pay £5 per head and bring a bottle. Please let us know numbers in advance for catering purposes. Thanks
On Saturday Les Baladins go to Bourne End Community Centre for 10.00a.m. Hosts collect them at about 12.30 for lunch. Les Baladins return to Bourne End at about 2.30. We (the committee) deliver a picnic tea to them at fiveish. The performance begins at 8p.m. and ends at 10.00. We clear away the set and set up tables for the party buffet in the same hall. We clear away at 12.30p.m. and are out by 1a.m.
On Sunday Baladins, hosts and committee are invited to Gloria and John’s for lunch at 12.30. Parking is very limited, so please park on the road at the foot of the drive. Please bring a bottle and maybe a dessert. Les Baladins leave around 2.30.
22 May Reading 
Will be reading the ‘final’ selected play for November. Please come along and see if you like it. Local Affairs by Richard Harris. More details here.
29 May no meeting
half term, a lot of folks away.
5 June AGM
All should plan to attend. In the studio, and starts at 8.30 pm followed by social.
12 June Casting 
Please come and read for a part if you would like to be included. If you cannot make the date, please let Gloria know in advance so you can be considered. Gloria has agreed to be our director for the November production.
22 June
Chiltern Shakespeare Richard III performance. See Hilary if interested in joining the group.
Canoe trip
Planned – canoe trip down the Thames in open canoes with a pic-nic enrolee . More details to follow on exact dates etc. Please let Brian know if interested to join the group. Each canoe will hold up to three people comfortably, with life jackets and paddles supplied. transport will be arranged so we start up stream and end up in Henley.
22 July
Di has confirmed Sunday 22July for the strawberry tea. Timings are 3-6p.m. Please bring a bottle and a plate of food. Please liaise with Di concerning what type of comestible would be suitable.