April newsletter

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We plan to continue to run zoom sessions until at least June, then hopefully we can at last meet up for some social interaction (from June 21) such as a picnic or a canoe trip (which will be open by then). Then we plan to start rehearsals from September for two limited audiences Murder Mystery events – this in part to bring the audience and ourselves used to more social interaction. So a slow re-start. Probably plan for a full Spring production and we can start casting / rehearsals before Christmas.

The current short term plan is to have some new readings from this series – just fun! If we find a play from the set particularly good we can schedule a recording also at the end of the month.

The Project Gutenberg e-Book of One-Act Plays by Modern Authors; Editor: Helen Louise Cohen.

This is a collection of one acts, which we have not read,  and some of them are pretty good and would be fun. Lots for a narrator to put in and sound effects in some, so these are available on the site for people to download and then we can run through a few each Tuesday without worrying about recording. Lots  of opportunities to try new characters.

These will be interspersed with Club Nights. All zoom calls start at 8.00pm, on the usual link below. If you did not have a chance to join any of our events over the past year, then look at the Events page where links to replays are available. The post-production work is being completed on Best Laid Plans and The Egg have been posted. Well worth a listen over Easter break. No meetings over Easter week of course.


  • 1 April Club night – music selections
  • 6 / 8 April – no meetings
  • 13 April First read of a new play w/ Andrew
  • 15 April club night – readings to share
  • 20 April Rehearsal of new play
  • 23 April club night – music
  • 27 April rehearsal new play
  • 30 April club night – quiz
  • Advanced notification: Sep 25 Murder Mystery , Liston Hall


How to join the session
You can join using one of the following two ways:

  • zoom app meeting number: 510-741-7650
  • Click Link to join
  • PLEASE mute your microphone and turn your video off during the performance or recordings.