The Crew

Brian Plested

Stage Manager

Brian Plested

Brian first joined us backstage in “Haywire” and has actually appeared onstage in “The Darling Buds of May”. For this production he has taken on the role of tea maker-in-chief at rehearsals, for which we are all very grateful.

 Graham Evans


Graham Evans

Graham is a “Hobson’s Choice” debutant and has thrown himself in to all things technical backstage. He has even appeared in an acting role in “The Darling Buds of May”. For this production we has been sharing his time and talents with Marlow FM.

Caroline Law


Caroline Law

 Caroline has been with us since “The Darling Buds of May”; somebody had to be backstage while the rest of the crew were gallivanting on stage. Caroline attends to all those small details that make the bigger picture.

 Charlie Foord


Charlie Foord

Charlie, “Gadget” as he is affectionately known, joined the Players for the previous production, “Tons of Money”. Once more he has been producing “toys for the boys” and will probably be sitting in the audience running the sound from his iPhone.


The Cast

Andy Scott


 Andy Scott

Andy started acting five years ago in Maidenhead and has had roles in Shakespeare (Lysander and Don Pedro), Chaucer, has played a dog, a suicidal cliff walker (called Cliff!!) a salesman and also appears regularly in panto.”’ Allo, ‘Allo” was his first outing with the Marlow players. Here he plays Gripe, the despicable old retainer.


 GloriaK01 colour

Alathea Budgett

Gloria Kendrick

Gloria has been with us for 1997 and has appeared onstage in leading roles, backstage as stage manager and in front of stage as director. She last played in ‘The Hollow Crown’ and last directed ‘Allo ‘Allo.  She says she found the part of Alathea difficult to adjust to since Alathea is a bit of a harridan. Yeah, right!


Herbert Budgett

Tony Bew

Tony has been with the Players since 1997 and has appeared as many a lead, a bit part, an extra and a butler as well as directing a number of productions. He also has been stage manager, set builder, run the lighting and sound and is also the writer of the programme. Here he plays the hen-pecked Herbert, a somewhat larger part than of late, but most of his lines are “Yes, my dear”.


Belinda Budgett

Laura Goodband

Laura has been with the Players for nearly two decades and last appeared as Stella Drury in House Guest, some 5 years ago as the female lead. We are very happy to see her once more and once more she is laying the part of Tony’s daughter, a habit she picked up in 1998.

 James Taylor

Cyril Caraway

James Taylor

 We owe the support of the Maidenhead branch of the Marlow Players to James, who first came to us in 2005 and has regularly appeared since. He last played the part of Leutnant Hubert Gruber, of dubious tendencies, in ‘Allo ‘Allo. Fortunately, Cyril gibbers most of the time, so he only has to concentrate on not being camp.



Bunny Tucker

Stacy Rhodes

 Stacy has been involved in the theatre from an early age, training in Acting, Dancing and Singing and has a degree in Drama. Currently, she is Head of Drama at a grammar school and has directed many of her own plays. Her first performance for the Marlow Players was as Michelle in ‘Allo ‘Allo. Here she plays the instantly recognisable Barbara Windsor part of Bunny.




Robin Lovell

 A new comer to the Players, but no stranger to the stage, Robin comes to us courtesy of the Maidenhead Drama Guild, where he was the director of last Christmas’s pantomime. He brings his “twice nightly habits” to Creeching Chaney and gets to spit all over Tony and James.

 Andrew Stafford


Andrew Stafford

Andrew has been with the players for over two decades and has acted and directed for most of that time. He has had to step in and take on the role of Gosforth, the solicitor from Gosforth & Strokelady, at the very last minute owing to the ill health the previous incumbent.

 Julia Ashton C

Lydia Prentice

Julia Ashton

Julia is appearing for the first time with the Players, but not her first time on the stage. She has performed numerous plays for the Maidenhead Drama Guild. Here she plays Alec Ogleby’s efficient and no-nonsense secretary, Lydia Prentice.

Brian Couling

Alec Ogelby

Brian Couling

Brian is a long standing member of the Players, having reached his twentieth anniversary this year. He has been in every production in the last 14 years, with one exception, and most as the leading man. He last appeared as Renee in “’Allo ‘Allo”. Here he plays Film producer and old school chum of Herbert, Alec Ogleby.

 Hilary Cox

Aunt Emily Budgett

Hilary Cox

Hilary has been with the Players for an undisclosed number of decades and is always instrumental in our productions both on and off stage. Her last production was as Edith in ‘Allo ‘Allo. Here she changes her accent from faux Gallic to Miss Jean Brody.