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Welcome to The Marlow Players’ production of Hi-de-Hi, based on the popular TV series. Holiday camps were very popular just after World War II, being relatively inexpensive, all-inclusive holidays, where inmates – sorry, guests – stayed in chalets and enjoyed organised meals, games and entertainments.

Our play is set in Maplin’s Holiday Camp in 1959.  The Entertainment Manager, an ex-university professor of archaeology (he wanted a change!) is estranged from his wife and has to ward off the romantic overtures of the Chief Yellowcoat, Gladys.  The Camp Host, Ted Bovis, is being pursued for money by his ex-wife and he is helped by his friend, Spike, the Camp Comic, who does, however, disapprove of Ted’s dodgy money-making schemes.  Yvonne and Barry, Dance Instructors, bicker constantly – observed by ‘fragrant’ ‘Fred Quilley, Riding Instructor, and grumpy Mr Partridge, Children’s Entertainer, who hates children!  Peggy, the chalet maid, envies the glamorous Yellowcoats and aspires to be one of their number.  As events unfold, her dreams may come true……

My thanks to cast and crew for all their hard work for this production and a special ‘Thank You’ to Iris and Brian who have contributed so much to the success of productions for many years.  We shall miss you!

We have had tremendous fun rehearsing this light-hearted piece and introducing extra elements of song, dance and jokes.  We wish you a very enjoyable evening!


Gloria Kendrick – Director