Here are the final notes on readiness to travel to France with our production.

Drop off: 02 April 2019: 8.00pm Drop off costumes at studio. Add any personal props. Final check we have everything.

Departure: 05 April 2019, 5.45 am for 6.00am departure. Meet at Station Road, Marlow. Parking for free at Station Road car park

Arrival: 7 April 2019, approximately 11.00- 11.30 pm. Return to departure point.


Passports. Just saying. And E111 health card (obtain from the post office), travel insurance (obtain from an insurance broker for this rather than at a travel agent).

Drop off your costumes in the bag provided by Gloria at the Studio. Friday is really too late. You will want to wash costume tops etc, so put them back in. You may also may want to add a change for after-show party event. Washing and costumes can be returned to the coach before the event starts. On no account should the costumes go to your hosts.

Two night stay, overnight bags please. They will need ride in the coach as we expect the coach loading space to be full with our set, props and costumes bags

Gift for hosts. Suggestions are local (Marlow, Windsor) items or famous location souvenirs, such as English biscuits, teas, chocolates, Scotch whisky, Rebellion beer (which is always popular when they come to us) etc. Maybe not the local wine.

Money: Euro in the local currency and we may need something for a lunch stop on Friday and morning in town / market visits. All main meals are catered for us, so you need very little money.

Timetable of events

Thursday: Prepration

  • Coach loading early evening. You may be asked to assist please for 30 mins or so.

Friday: Early start

  • Those who went last time – Pete Dale is our driver once more. He really knows his way as he done this trip before a few times and knows the routine.
  • Meet at 5.45 am in Station Road with overnight bag, pillow. Our seat are recliners, so they should be conforable for everyone..
  • You may want to bring some snacks or packed lunch for the journey. It’s a long day. We will have a coffee machine on the coach, and an honesty box will operate (50p or something like that). We have a toilet available – see pics
  • Ferry at 9.30am. Head for the bar or similar
  • Travel A16 southbound to Paris. Lunch stop en-route with friends or sight seeing. Usually Amines (Calais route). We also have to provide a break for the driver of course.
  • Line rehearsal in the back of the coach as we travel
  • Reception 5.30-6.00pm short meet up with a greeting in Marly and meet your hosts.
  • Travel with allocated hosts with your overnight bag to freshen up. Coach parked up at the Theatre.
  • All meet for group dinner around 8.00pm. Usually held in a modest restaurant. Plenty of food.

Saturday: Big day.

  • The Cultural Center car park is reserved for the bus (provided it is not too big) It is important because otherwise the parking is very complicated!
  • Reza (the director of the Cultural Center) asks for any useful clarification on the “pyrotechnic effects”.
  • You will have a smoke machine, controlled from the control room if the machine is side yard. If it must be elsewhere, it must be ordered by hand on the board (possibly with the command hidden in the barbecue).


  • 10.00 am: Opening of the room, installation of the sets, contact with the directors. Director and Crew needed. cast not needed have the morning with hosts (nice!). No drinking at all please please until after the show. That includes anything at lunch time.
  • 2.30 pm: Opening of the room, technical adjustments and spinning. Crew and cast needed. Run through to test entrances, exists etc.
  • 6:30 pm: break for the dinner of the directors and snack for crew and cast.
  • 7:30 pm: opening of the room to the public
  • 8.00 pm: beginning of the performance
  • 10.30pm: end of the performance. Expect repeated curtain calls. Break the set, re-load the coach in record time with lots of help from Les Baladins
  • 11:00pm: end of the provision of the theatre
  • Travel to after show party with your host  (another party?)
  • Back home with host to crash out

Sunday: a restful day

  • An easy morning with host. Maybe go to the market at Marly or visit Saint Germain-En-Laye (its very good) or a Sunday walk in the Marly park. Or go over lines once more.
  • Lunch with host. Sometimes these are arranged in small groups rather than with host only. So we may meet up at a lunch party.
  • 2.00pm  This is the tricky bit –  leave lunch on time to Marly market place for departure on time. Late comers will have to find own way home as we have to stick to our coach speeds and ferry bookings for everyone else.
  • Travel via A16 north bound to Calais
  • Stop off en-route for early evening supper (often supplied from the Saturday night party) usually at Aire de la Baie de Somme
  • Ferry, snack, bar
  • Stop off at Clacket Lane services M20. Should be able to give an ETA at this point.
  • Drop off at the studio to complete the off load the set and props
  • If you are being collected, then the Studio will be a good pace to pick up from
  • End journey where we started to collect cars parked

Who is travelling

We have 10 cast, 7 crew/ back stage = 17 in all

Brian Couling
David Choules
Andrew Stafford
Karen Moyse
Wendy Gammond
Gloria Hurst
Steven Powell
Alison Rogers
Toby Lassen
Jocelyn Pearce
Max Sasim
Andy Scott
Charlotte Dodds
Sharon Markwood
Jennifer Major
Alison Edwards
Di Hudson

About Marly-le-Roi

Marly is 12 miles west of Paris and close to Versailles.  The town came to prominence when Louis XIV built a Chateau there.  In the 19th Century Marly was home to Impressionist painters, notably Sisley and writers like Alexandre Dumas.  Present day Marly retains its “character” in the old town but also has some splendid modern buildings.    There is a good Sunday market where you are likely to bump into other Marlow Players, if they have managed to surface after the party after your performance!  If you are the slightest bit interested – the population is a little larger than Marlow’s.

More details of Marly