February Newsletter

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Dear Members and Friends,

The Marlow Players’ New Year party was well attended by various pantomime characters, who enjoyed the food and drink, the very erudite quiz from Andrew and also charades. Thanks to those who helped organise it and to all who came along to make it so much fun!!

Rehearsals for ‘Relative Values’ are going well and we look forward to enthusiastic (and large!) audiences on March 30 and 31 and April 1st.

Rehearsal Schedule 
Feb 21 Act II sc1&2
Feb 23  Act III Act I sc1
Feb 28 Act I sc2  Act II sc1
March 2 Act II sc2 Act III
March 7 Act I sc1&2 Act II sc1 (first half of play)
March 9 Act II sc2 Act III
Sunday 12 Whole play
From tonight, putting scenes together, for timing purposes.  Books down by 28th Feb. please! Gloria

Going to France

As you know, we shall be taking our play to Marly-le-Roi on the weekend of 21st – 23rd April and have places available on the coach for supporters!! We have to hire a 52-seater coach for the weekend, so the more people who come along, the better to cover our costs! Please let me know if you are interested – email Gloria at gloria@kendrick-hurst.co.uk

For those who have never had ‘The Marly Experience’: – We leave Marlow quite early on Friday morning, take the ferry from Dover to Calais, stop off somewhere in France for lunch and arrive at Marly around 6 p.m. We are welcomed by the Mayor, or Deputy Mayor, of Marly at a small reception and then repair to our hosts’ houses to freshen up. We all meet for an evening meal and renew old acquaintances.

On Saturday morning the stage crew and any other willing helpers set up the stage, lights and sound system, while actors and non-participants enjoy an outing with their hosts. Actors attend an afternoon rehearsal and everyone comes along to the performance of the play and the after-show party. We load the coach after the performance, ready for departure the next day. Sunday morning is spent with our hosts and we meet up at the coach after lunch, arriving at Marlow between 11 and midnight.

It is a hectic weekend, especially for cast and crew, but the trip is really worthwhile, as we receive such a warm welcome from our friends in Marly and our audience is always so appreciative. Marly is a lovely place to visit – the town itself, the park and many interesting places in the vicinity.

We envisage the cost per person to be about £150 – the same as two years ago. (Students go cheaper!) We take a small gift for our hosts, but there are no other expenses during the weekend. Our hosts pay for all meals and outings. This weekend trip is a wonderful tradition to uphold and we hope some of you can come along to enjoy it!

Please Promote the show

In the meantime, don’t forget to promote the production Poster and tickets for our Marlow performances are available online at Box office  or from Marlow Information Centre (at the library). We look forward to entertaining you with this very witty and amusing play.
Best Wishes, Gloria