Unseen Academicals – Full Cast List

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The casting has been done, and rehearsals are under-way. We’re please to welcome some new faces into the team, as well as some returning after a few years. Here is the full cast list:

Cast List

Sacharissa Cripslock – Georgina Felisi

Nutt – Sara Di Donna

Trevor Likely – Andy Scott

Glenda Sugarbean – Rebecca Jenkins

Juliet Stopple – Jennifer Major

Ridcully – Andrew Stafford

Ponder Stibbons – Alex Spittle

Senior Wrangler – Christiane Crauford

Professor Hix – Max Sasim

Lord Vetinari – Tony Bew

Lady Margolotta – Liz Allen

Ottomy – Brian Couling

Wilma (Will) De Word – Charlotte Futcher

Madame Sharn – Jocelyn Pearce

Pepe – James Tailor

Roz – Christiane Crauford

Referee – Brian Couling

Andy Shank – Max Sasim

Hoggett – Stuart Sneddon

Librarian – Alice Law

Girl /Secretary- Laura Goodband