Notices for April

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French Weekend

The weekend in Marly with ‘Pygmalion’ was a  huge success.  There were 143 people in the audience, who all appreciated the high standard shown by us for this classic play.  We were treated royally by our hosts in Marly and again cemented the wonderful friendship between the two theatre groups.

Possible future productions

Death Trap – Ira Levin

Out of Sight, Out of Murder – Fred Carmichael

The Hollow – Agatha Christie

The Unseen Academicals – Terry Pratchett

Caught in the Net – Ray Cooney

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd – Agatha Christie

Come on, Jeeves – P.G. Wodehouse (and Guy Bolton)

Murder Mystery Evening

We hope to hold this event some time in the summer, just for The Marlow Players, to see how it goes.  It is a ‘work in progress’ at the moment!  Gloria would be grateful for any ideas!!

Summer Programme

Andrew and Charlie will finish the recording of the two radio plays as soon as possible.

Hilary will send out an e-mail with information about this year’s Hall Barn production (The Taming of the Shrew).  Our suggested date for going there is June 12th.

If Bob has completed the DVD of ‘Pygmalion’ we shall have a DVD evening some time in the summer.

We hope to hold a social evening in The Studio watching a DVD of a classic film, e.g. ‘Rebecca’ on June 23

The AGM is on 4 June in The Studio at 8 p.m

Andy is reprising his role as Hugo in ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ for Hughenden Players.   Gloria will send out an email asking who would like to go along to support him by going along on either May 21st or 23rd.

Brian offered to host a themed BBQ evening on Saturday 4th July.  Details to follow.

Sunday 19th July is a possibility for another social gathering – picnic or other……

James has sent out an e-mail suggesting a post-‘Pygmalion’ meal at The Tiger Cub curry house, either 8th or 15th May.

Hilary will find out about productions at The Globe or Stratford.

Andrew suggested attending an open-air performance at Regents Park.

Play-readings will be held on 12th and 19th May and Castings on 9th and 16th June.

Studio evenings for a tidy-up will be on 27 April and 2 June.

Dates for your diary

APRIL 27 Studio tidy-up (followed by visit to pub).

MAY 5 – committee meeting

MAY 8 or 15 – Curry evening

MAY 12 and 19 – play-readings

MAY 21 or 23 – ‘Vicar of Dibley’ at Hughenden Valley

MAY 26 – Studio night or play-recording night

JUNE 2 – studio tidy-up

JUNE 4 – A.G.M.

JUNE 9 and 16 – Casting

JUNE 12 – Hall Barn

JUNE 23 – DVD evening at The Studio (‘Rebecca’ ?)

JULY 4 – afternoon BBQ at Brian’s

JULY 19 – social gathering/picnic/other ideas?

To be arranged:

Murder Mystery Evening

Radio play recordings

DVD evening of ‘Pygmalion’

Open-air theatre, Regents Park

Visit to The Globe or Stratford