We are now destined to be presenting “Trivial Pursuits” to our Marlow audiences on Thursday, Friday & Saturday 28-30 March, with the production week beginning on Sunday 24th March. That’s when we hit Court Garden with the set.

After the “Marlow Experience” it’s time for the “Marly Experience” in Marly-le-Roi our French Twin-town – date of performance: Saturday 6th April, traveling across on Friday 5th April, returning on Sunday, 7th April.

This will involve rehearsal/s between the two productions to prepare for the Marly stage. This/these rehearsal/s will be advised by our Director, Andrew. In addison we will loading the coach Thursday night with production items, so we have only personal carry-on bags to load on Friday morning.

On Friday – be warned – we board our coach very, very early at Marlow railway station (where cars may be left for free for the days we are away – obviously at the owners risk) to begin our trek to Marly – via Dover to Calais to Marly, arriving at 6.00pm. – the time our hosts will be expecting us. We are hosted by members of Les Baladins, our Twin-town drama group. More details nearer the date. We perform on Saturday evening, and leave Marly at approximately 2.00pm. on Sunday to travel back, Calais to Dover, expecting to arrive in Marlow around 11.00pm!

The cost will be £175.00 each, half price for students. Husbands/wives, partners, friends and “Friends of the Players” are very welcome. We are looking to take 15+ so spread the word – everyone welcome.

I have set up a PayPal secure form to capture your requirements / preferences. You can pay for the trip by 1st March please as we have to pay coach company in advance. The PayPal page allows you to pay with any debit / credit card or PayPal account if you have one. You do not need a PayPal account to use the tool – it’s the same we use for selling performance tickets. As part of the process you need to supply your passport number for the ferry manifest – in case of ‘no deal’ Brexit I recommend you have 6 months validity on the passport (same as travelling to USA). Check that passport now!

Below are pics of the actual coach, showing amongst other things, seating, a loo and loading space for the set. The coach is a very modern ‘short’ coach 38 seater, often used for international trips, so it knows the way home, which is good for us!

Please email Gloria  for any questions you may have.

Please complete the form below, or pass Brian a cheque payable to ‘The Marlow Players’ and email your details as below. Up to you.

Event Tickets required
Honest knowledge of French
Hosting Share preference
Host catering requirements
Passport number for ferry
Next of kin